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la libellula del Conero

Sirolo, Conero Riviera

Sirolo, situated on the slopes of Monte Conero, on the beautiful Conero Riviera, is surrounded by the ancient walls of the castle of the Cortesi family. The gothic archway which dates back to 1050, leads into a myriad of little streets which are still steeped in a medieval atmosphere, taking you back in time and promoting feelings of pure peace and relaxation. Visitors are delighted by the amazing panorama of the rocky, but at the same time lush and fertile coastline which characterizes this stretch of the Adriatic Sea.

The golden colour of the houses, the green of the woods, the soft rolling hillsides with their welcoming country houses sweeten this wonderful landscape. The town square with its simple appearance, serves as a magnificent balcony, offering an unforgettable view to the Conero coastline and its magnificent beaches. Let’s not forget “The two sisters”, two magnificent and ancient sea stacks which are the symbol of the Conero coast and are steeped in local legend. The particular beauty of this area is also thanks to the unusual colour of the sea and the magnificent multi coloured pebbles on the beaches, typical of this coastline. Inserts and little bays at the foot of the impervious Monte Conero, are a paradise for nature lovers.

La libellula

La libellula del Conero nasce nel vero cuore di Sirolo, a pochissimi passi dal centro e dalla favolosa terrazza che apre il magnifico panorama che la rende celebre. Il tutto circondato da ottimi luoghi di ristoro molto caratteristici e romantici.